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Cyber or computer security, is about protecting the sensitive data on your IT systems such as your PC's, servers, tablets and mobile phones, from unintended or unauthorised access, change, theft or deletion.

Companies, now using internet services daily, can not only suffer security breaches from being online but also internally from the accidental or deliberate actions of employees. It is therefore important that you understand what cyber security threats are, and to know how to minimise your exposure to them, to avoid being targeted.

If you hold personal data then you must uphold the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 and if your company is regulated and subject to legal compliance you need to show due diligence that you have used your best efforts to protect customer or client data.

These are some of the reasons for regularly reviewing your cyber security policy as part of a tried and tested business continuity plan. Camtek CSI are here to help you by providing solutions designed specifically for your needs. We now offer a pre-booked 30 minute telephone consultation totally free and without obligation to see how we can help you. To claim yours please call us on 020 3642 9373.