What should I prepare for?

  • Severe weather - flooding and damage to property by water ingress or floating vehicles hitting your building | storm and gales causing trees to be blown down and blocking roads or crushing cars | low temperatures and heavy snow causing risk to health, school closures and temperature in your building below acceptable limits.
  • Disruption to transport - affecting staff getting to and from work | disruption in delivery of goods and services | disruption in rail and bus services.
  • Electrical network and other utilities- causing widespread darkness, excess demand leading to shortage of fuel for generators, increase in persons being trapped in lifts | disruption to key safety features such as closed circuit television, fire alarms and access control systems.
  • Loss of IT and communications - Extreme weather and other factors causing outages of normal communications and broadband services, caused locally and also by telephone exchanges and mobile masts being out of action.
  • Financial impact - additional costs for additional maintenance of buildings, cleaning, building repairs, rising insurance premiums. Temporary staff, replacement of staff and welfare.
  • Supply chain disruption - caused by transport difficulties or suppliers not having adequate business continuity management in place themselves.
  • Human diseases including pandemic flu - large scale staff absenteeism | pandemics can last up to 15 weeks and occur in multiple waves | staff disruption in key infrastructure providers | key staff unwilling or unable to travel to work.
  • Civil disorder and terrorism - causing disruption to supply chain | presence of trespassers or unauthorised persons in your building  potential arson attacks | difficulties in protecting large areas of glass | limitation in 'blue light' services | delays due to extra security staff being required | disruption resulting by acts of terrorism.

These are just some of the events that could occur with some being more relevant to large city centres such as central and the City of London. These situations can be improved and mitigated against by having a tried and tested business continuity plan in place. We are here to help you by providing solutions designed specifically to your needs. Contact us for more information.