IT disaster recovery - every company needs a Plan B

picThe regular backing up of computer data, preferably to more than one location, is needed to enable your business to recover from a major disaster. The methods used should be detailed in your business continuity plan, together with contact details of the company that handles your disaster recovery. But more than just the data, we recommend the actual backing up of computer 'images'.

The best way is by using a disaster recovery company that takes an actual 'snapshot' of your servers and PC's every night and transfers them off-site to a cloud based rescue service - held in a data centre within the UK. The service will recreate your existing server and PC set-up, and more importantly test them every 24 hours to see that everything is working correctly.

Using this approach, pre-recovered systems are immediately ready to be accessed via the internet as fully working solutions - in effect, offering a hot standby equivalent but without the associated high costs.

It's the only solution that recovers your IT system files in advance (pre-recovery)

Fastest return to service time of all cloud DR solutions guaranteed

Fully managed service and simple to set up

Excellent value for money

ISO 27001 certified

Good proven track record

For further information on how Plan B Recovery Plc can assist you please email us on this link so we can provide you with an introduction.