Business continuity and disaster recovery

bullet  Business impact analysis.
  Threat analysis and risk assessment.
  Continuity, recovery strategies and tactics.
  Preparing business continuity and disaster recovery plans.
  Developing and managing plans at a strategic, tactical and operation level.
  Maintenance and review of the BCM programme.
  Advice on how to develop best practice when considering business continuity.
  Addendums to staff contracts to cover IT permissions.
  Security audits and preparation for ISO 27001 (BS 7792-2-2-2005).
  Auditing BCM plans in accordance to BS 25999 and ISO 22301.

Cyber security

  Investigation of computer systems for malware infection and to suggest a prescription. 
  Provide advice on how to protect computers and networks from malware infection.
  Control, using firewall rules, of what comes into your network and what gets into the wild.
  Devising back-up strategies and organising back-up techniques and locations.
  Provision of strong and rigorous password proceedures to protect infrastructure.
  Ensuring that all critical data is encrypted including lap-tops and USB drives.
  Discussion and creation of disaster recovery and forensic readiness planning.

Digital forensics

  Protecting systems by devising business continuity and forensic readiness plans.
  Forensically investigating hard-drives and making forensic images using write-blocking.
  Analysis of drives for misuse by rouge staff or outside influences including malware.
  Securing chain-of-custody and protecting evidence including secure note taking.
  Preparing reports for use in civil or criminal legal proceedings.
  Provision of expert witness testimony for use in criminal or legal proceedings.
  Liaison with law enforcement agencies and legal counsel.